Saturday, February 11, 2012


Oh hey, look. I finally updated my layout. Sorry it's blurry-ish. At least it's AWESOME. In case you weren't aware, this was the winner of the Layout contest thing on my blog's Facebook Page, which you can still like, if you like my blog and haven't liked it already.

I have a lot of homework this weekend. So much that instead of doing it I am working on my blog. I do it because I have excellent priorities. I actually had a lot more homework, but I did have a spurt of responsibility and got a ton of it done (So don't be too worried, Mom and Dad). But now I am going to offer you more of my opinions and thoughts.

Valentine's day is coming up. People have a lot of opinions on Valentine's day. In three days expect a flood of "VALENTINE'S DAY IS SO DUMB I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I STILL THINK THAT IT'S STUPID BECAUSE I AM JUST SO SMART." kinds of posts. I hate to tell you this, but these people are better than you. They are so much smarter and better, in fact, that they can no longer have any fun. They are too smart to fall for that kind of child's play. Why would you just have one day set aside to show love to the special people in your life? You can do that every day! You are stupid for giving into the hype created by the evil arts and crafts tycoons. They are sitting up there on their throne of lies laughing at you for being gullible enough to fall for their "VALENTINE'S DAY" scam. It's a good thing that these people are here for you. They can save you from your ignorance.

This kind of person can also save you from liking a movie the common, uneducated masses think is awesome, because they know better. You enjoyed the new Sherlock Holmes? Have you even read the books? That movie sucked. Why? They would try to explain, but you are too dumb to understand.They can already tell that the Avengers is going to be lame. Why? They just can. They have a pretentious sixth sense.

I am dumb. I don't see a problem with Valentine's day. I don't think that the war on Christmas is a thing. I like bad movies. I like to, heaven forbid, have fun sometimes. Ignorance is bliss. People can be better than me if they want. I'm probably to stupid to even notice they are scoffing at me. "Look at that idiot over there being happy," They'll say "I am so much better than him because I shun happy things. I know better." And good for them. I will never achieve that level of awesomeness. I guess I'll just wallow down here in my fun and joy.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

About Time

It has been a whole month since I last posted a blog. How terrible is that? I still have my Christmas layout up. I am that guy who doesn’t take down his Christmas Decorations until months after Christmas, but online. I apologize. I could give you all these excuses about how busy I am and how much work school gives me, but….I just did, actually. Anyway, I will try to do better.

You know what freaks me out? Time travel. I can’t think about it for too long, or my brain starts melting out of my ears. As you may know I have a very critical and inquisitive mind, and nothing about time travel ever makes sense to me. Every little change can change EVERYTHING in the future. Every little shift. There are countless tiny little events that HAVE TO HAD OCCURRED for you to even exist, and if one, even one of those things is altered, boom. You’re gone. And no one notices. Nobody notices anything is off, but everything has changed. If time travel EVER exists EVER, then we cannot be sure of anything. Our lives could constantly be shifting. All of the experiences I remember and all the things I’ve done could change if someone goes back and trips over the wrong thing or stands in the wrong place. Each small action has a nearly infinite amount of implications.

One good thing is, though, that time travel provides an excellent excuse for anything. “I had a job, Mom. I was a doctor yesterday, probably. It’s those darn time travelers, always screwing with things.”

“Why are you late to class?”

“Time travelers.”


“Well, I was gonna be on time for class, but some time traveler dropped a napkin, so some guy bent over to pick it up, blocking another pedestrian who then had to slow down for a moment, causing her to cross the street in front of me at the moment that I was at that crosswalk which led to me hit a red light which stopped me from catching my roommate as he was leaving, and that prevented me from learning that he had spilled water on the toaster and shorted out the electricity in our apartment, so I was unaware that my computer was running on battery so when it ran out and shut down, I lost all the work I did on our assignment and had to go to the library and finish it there, and because I was there at that time I ran into an ex-girlfriend who talked my ear off. Most likely.”

In fact, I probably wrote all kinds of sweet blog posts in January, but then – time travel. I will be better about writing in the future, unless time travelers screw that up too.