Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shove it.

If you ask people who know me what my least favorite activity is, they are likely to say manually flushing toilets or wrestling panthers or something stupid like that, because those are the kind of people who "get" me. But in all seriousness it may very well be packing my suitcase. I hate packing on a level that few people, places, things, or ideas have ever reached. The process is exhausting for me. Gathering all my stuff, going through it all and picking out the stuff I don't need to take, shoving it all into my suitcase, realizing later I did need that thing I left behind, inevitably forgetting something really important; you know the drill. Logically I should love packing. I love going places, I love my stuff, and I love Tetris. Packing is like a combination of those three things. But I hate it.
Maybe if I packed to repetitive music...

I am now almost finished packing to go back to school. This is happening folks. It never is real to me until my bags are packed and my room barren. Now it is starting to sink in. I didn't expect to be this sad to go. I have had a LOT of good times with my family and friends here. It was confirmed to me today that I have the best friends in history (Benny and the Jets), and I've always known I have the best family in history. I'm gonna miss them something awful. I wish I could pack up my entire life and take it with me to Idaho, but I only have the one suitcase.
And sadly, it isn't Mary Poppins's suitcase.

That being said, I am also super excited to get out to school to see my other amazing and wonderful friends and family. I have been waiting for this moment for about 3 and a half months now. I can't wait for my road trip. School is going to be a blast, what with all the learning and bettering of myself through higher education. Oh, and the 80% of the time that I won't be doing that will be even better! Hahaha, I'm just kidding Mom and Dad (or am I?). Prepare blog. Prepare for the awesome times.

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